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The Moonee Ponds MindBody Health Centre is a place of healing for the mind, body and soul – a place for the nurturing of personal and spiritual growth and development.

Our Centre offers a wide range of both traditional and complementary healing modalities as well as yoga, meditation and stress reduction programs and will run Wellbeing Information Events. Clients can choose, often in consultation with a practitioner, which therapies can best assist in their healing during a particular stage in their life.

All practitioners share the same holistic healing philosophy and meet weekly to discuss issues relating to clients’ illnesses, therapeutic modalities and their place in the treatment of specific illnesses. The Centre was founded in 1996 by Dr Anne Small whose own Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was cured by a combination of complementary modalities and her own personal and spiritual growth.

“The leading holistic health centre in Victoria”

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Integrative health solutions

The Moonee Ponds MindBody Health Centre is one of Australia’s most trusted holistic institutions, offering both clients and practitioners the best environment to implement genuine integrated health solutions.


Our practitioners are experienced, qualified and diverse – covering a vast range of holistic, conventional, alternative and spiritual medicine and healing modalities.


The MindBody Health Centre is easy and convenient to visit, with public transport and parking options to suit the needs of everyone. See our CONTACT page for more information.


By bringing together the best practices of modern alternative and natural healing coupled with western remedies and conventional medicine, we offer a true integrative health service that is designed to empower our clients with health, well being and positive solutions.


Our centre caters to many facets of health and well being, and all of our practitioners strive to exceed expectations – for the betterment of the mind and the body.

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