Kellie EdwardsPsychologist / Well-Being Facilitator
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    Kellie Edwards is a Mother, Psychologist, Mindfulness Teacher and Well-Being Facilitator.

    Modality: Psychology

    Kellie’s expertise extends to offer Moonee Ponds clients the following services and can help you with –

    • Managing stress and reducing its negative impact in your life
    • Reducing conflict, worry, anxiety, exhaustion and overwhelm
    • Establishing healthy habits to improve your peace and wellbeing
    • Developing greater calm, confidence, kindness and connection in your relationships and parenting
    • Learning how to calm and steady your attention, and boost your resilience, overall mood and happiness
    • Something else troubling you? Just ask 

    I am an advocate for well-being who supports clients in every stage of their journey. As a health practitioner who works with stressed and tired clients every day, I resource people with the skills and toolkit to boost their own well-being, connect more successfully with the needs of those they work and live with and reignite their joy and fulfilment again.

    Sleep deprivation, worry and stress are common companions that affect a person’s happiness, and research shows that undermines their well-being and effectiveness at work as well. I love the beach, sleep, and catching up with family and friends. I am passionate about wellbeing and would love to support you in any way I can.


    • Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology
    • Graduate Diploma, Social Science, Psychology
    • Graduate Diploma, Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations
    • Bachelor of Arts (BA), Psychology and Sociology
    • Gawler Institute – Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training

    Contact The Centre today to book an introductory appointment with Kellie!

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