Notice: COVID-19 virus and Our Centre

 In The Centre

The Moonee Ponds Mind-Body Health Centre wishes to inform you about the outbreak of the Covid-19 Corona-virus and what it means for the Moonee Ponds Mind-Body Health Centre.

Whilst we have had no recorded or known cases of Coronavirus with any person, visitor or staff at our Centre, we are committed to doing our upmost to keep our patients, ourselves, and the community as safe and resilient as possible.

The Centre is currently open and operating on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays only, and that includes picking up supplements. It is our priority to support our patients to the best of our ability during this very interesting and challenging time. Appointments are available over the phone, as well as in person and online for some practitioners as per normal avenues. Existing appointments are in person and will happen as per usual.

Please be reassured that the Centre is following the strictest guidelines as per the Health Department and expert advice, and we are following the situation closely. We are also following the strictest of hygiene measures at as a clinic and at each individual practitioner level, including regular disinfecting of spaces and social distancing where it applies. Reception staff are filtering all contact with the Centre in person, and over the phone to ensure we are kept safe, as well as you the public.

We ask that you also enact best-practice hygiene controls when visiting the Centre including the regular use of sanitising hand gels, hand washing, covering all coughs and sneezes properly, avoiding handshakes and contact, and maintaining distance. IF YOU ARE SICK OR SYMPTOMATIC please do not visit our Centre, please consult your GP or local hospital for advice first and if you are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms please call The Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398.

Immune Booster Packs will be available at the centre next week for pick up or post option EXCLUSIVE TO CURRENT PATIENTS OF THE CENTRE ONLY.

These will contain 3 essentials —
• A liquid Elderberry
• Andrographis tablets and 3
• A zinc with vitamin C powder

These are among the most potent researched immune strengthening and viral preventing remedies we have at our disposal so far. Supplies are limited.

In addition, Vitamin D is also coming up good in the prevention of viral illness, so make sure you stock up especially with cooler, darker days approaching.

Please bare in mind that supplements do not replace standard and common-sense precautionary methods and do not guarantee you won’t get sick.

Protecting our first line of defence is crucial and is done via —
• Proper hand washing with soap or antibacterial soap
• Coughing/sneezing into a tissue or elbow
• Avoiding close and prolonged human contact / social distancing
• Regular disinfecting of surfaces

Please feel free to call the Centre for more information, and we will endeavour to update everyone if new information comes to hand.

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