Chantelle BellNaturopath

    Chantelle is a highly experienced naturopath with over 14 years experience treating a range of conditions, often working with tired and exhausted mums, helping restore their energy levels, general wellbeing and helping them feel great again.

    Prior to joining the team at Moonee Ponds MindBody Health Centre, Chantelle ran a successful multimodality clinic for 11 years, helping a wide variety of people with varying health conditions find treatment, assistance and solutions.

    Chantelle’s specialities and areas of expertise cover:

    • Treating energy loss, fatigue and burnout
    • Hot flushes, peri-menopause and menopause
    • Thyroid issues
    • IBS, digestive issues and gut health
    • Insomnia, irregular and poor sleeping patterns
    • PMS/PMDD
    • Children’s health

    Her successful approach is easy and practical and Chantelle will work hard to equip you with the right tools to tackle the day-to-day challenges you face with your health.

    An initial consultation is typically an hour and the purpose of this is to establish a whole and meaningful understanding of your current health and your health history.

    Incorporating naturopathic principles, Chantelle aims to find the root cause of your health problems — not just offer a bandaid fix. She looks for longstanding solutions, which may incorporate herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and dietary solutions depending on your personal requirements.

    Chantelle also takes a team approach to your health and wellbeing, and encourages open communication with all your health practitioners.

    In providing your consultancy and treatments, the goal is to strip away the stress and the restrictiveness of being overwhelmed about your health problems, while educating and informing you about your personal needs which is key.

    Chantelle aims to not only be your naturopath, coach and your mentor, but assist in keeping you accountable on your path to better health as well.

    Appointments can either be face to face or online. Bookings can be made directly by contacting the Centre today, or you can book directly into her diary online HERE.

    Chantelle Bell — Qualifications

    • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) 2007
    • Graduate Certificate in Evidence Based Medicine 2018
    • Member of Naturopath and Herbalists Association of Australia

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