Dr Anne SmallIntegrative Medicine

    Dr Anne Small is a qualified GP and is very experienced in diagnosing physical and emotional illnesses after having graduated in 1973 and gaining extensive experience working in centres including the Kensington Community Health Centre, The Royal Children’s Hospital and the Aboriginal Health Service.

    She will perform the necessary physical examination and testing, and work with the client to develop a holistic management plan.

    Dr Small founded the Moonee Ponds MindBody Health Centre in 1996 and has worked with many different complementary practitioners over this time. As such, she has an excellent knowledge of how the different therapies can assist individual clients at different stages of their healing journey.

    She recognises the side effects caused by many Western drug treatments, therefore non-pharmaceutical approaches are often favoured and referrals may be made to other practitioners at the Centre for natural healing remedies. She also specialises in prescribing bio-identical hormones where the client has a hormone deficiency.

    Modality: Medicine


    • Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery
    • Diploma of Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists
    • Diploma in Sports Medicine
    • Diploma in Community Child Health
    • Graduate Diploma in Integrative Medicine
    • Member: Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
    • Australian Medical Association
    • Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine
    • Australasian Integrative Medicine Association Inc.

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