Michele BisettoShiatsu Practitioner

    I am a qualified and dedicated practitioner of Shiatsu and Oriental therapies and my experience in health and well being spans close to 30 years. Although I originally trained as a myotherapist and remedial masseur, shiatsu, particularly zen shiatsu is where my passion, interest and ongoing  studies lie. Other studies include yoga/stretch therapy, martial arts and meditation which are all a foundation for my work as a shiatsu practitioner.

    About Shiatsu

    A shiatsu treatment can make you feel deeply relaxed and energized. It relieves tension, fatigue and stiffness yet it can be more than just a relaxing massage. It is a powerful therapeutic therapy that works on a very deep yet subtle level.

    By the simple application of pressure, shiatsu changes the movement of blood and energy through the body to strengthen the immune system and trigger self healing. This natural healing therapy has its origins in oriental medical theory and techniques that date back for centuries. In recent years it has become increasingly popular in the west and now encompasses a wide range of treatment styles and techniques.

    Benefits of Shiatsu

    • Shiatsu decreases pain, tension and stress. It decreases the stress hormones but increases the ‘feel good’ hormones
    • Shiatsu may help alleviate many common conditions often related to stress such as headaches, insomnia, back and neck pain, fatigue, digestive problems and sports injuries
    • Shiatsu stimulates circulation, and is also a very safe therapy suitable for all ages
    • Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing experience. Regular Shiatsu strengthens the immune system, is an important part of preventative health care, promotes self-healing and simply increases health and well being

    About the treatment
    The whole body treatment is conducted on a futon on the floor with the support of cushions and bolsters for comfort. You remain fully clothed so it is recommended to wear comfortable clothing. Jeans and skirts are not suitable because shiatsu may involve flowing stretches and gentle rotations to limbs. A treatment usually lasts an hour and a half. The consultation may also include dietary and exercise advice.

    How I can help you
    Sometimes we just need to slow down, listen and make a connection between our mind and body. One of my aims as a practitioner is to assist you in rediscovering and increasing your awareness and to encourage responsibility for your own health.

    ‘Most importantly I am very passionate about this wonderful modality and all that Shiatsu can offer’

    Modality: Shiatsu

    Associate Diploma Myotherapy, (RMIT) 1991
    Diploma Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies, (ASC) 2005
    STAA registered Practitioner
    Health funds provider

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