Clinically effective, deeply relaxing and revitalising, Shiatsu plays an essential role in preventative health and complementary medicine.

It draws on ancient wisdom, has foundations in Traditional Eastern Medicine, and combines these systems with a comprehensive understanding of western science.

Eastern medicine considers the body as an interrelated whole. Therefore, Shiatsu therapists apply the philosophy of treating the whole person with the use of oriental therapeutic massage and various oriental therapies, to restore health on the physical, spiritual and emotional levels, to facilitate awareness and well being.

Shiatsu addresses not only presenting symptoms but also the underlying or root cause of what makes us unwell. Therefore, therapists also address lifestyle factors which may be generating the illness or condition, whether it be physical, emotional, dietary, environmental or a combination of these factors.


The Shiatsu methods used are a middle ground between acupuncture and western massage and involve the application of sustained and comfortable pressure to specific points and areas on the body. These techniques increase circulation, release muscular tension, ease pain and assist the body to function at its optimum. Shiatsu has a profound effect on calming your nervous system which increases your resistance to stress.

In this modern age, stress is becoming a major problem and contributes to numerous diseases. Too often we wait until we are sick before we search for appropriate therapies.

By relieving the stresses of the body, you relieve the stresses of the mind.

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