Return To The North As Dr Anne Departs Antarctica

 In Dr Anne Small

HEADING BACK NORTH: Having made it safely back from our wonderful visit to the whiter than white Antarctica for Christmas – via the ‘Penguin’ plane – we found landing in Punta Arenas back in Chile and then onto Santiago very colourful for the senses.

Antarctica left a lasting impression, and the last few departing photos from Dr Anne of the ice and scenery are nothing short of spectacular!

We saw red, however, when we missed the flight to Buenos Aires because, amongst other things, there was a 20 minute delay before we were able to get off the plane due to the fact that all the luggage had to be offloaded. It turned out the plane was too heavy to dock at the landing site. First time that has happened to Dr Anne – and perhaps a little of the rosy red shade rushed to her cheeks when she wondered if it was all the souvenirs she’d packed in Leona’s luggage?!


The ‘Penguin’ Plane


But not to worry when we finally reached Buenos Aires in time to see 2018 off with a bang for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Leona wasted no time in exploring Buenos Aires.

While she couldn’t exactly mingle with any real wildlife on the city streets, Leona made the most of situation and became acquainted with the spunky waiter where we had lunch.

Then she saw what used to be the widest road in the world and later had a ride on the Xmas horses outside a hotel … not real ones of course.

Sparking up a New Year’s Eve party!


Back to the hotel and on to the New Year’s Eve party which Dr Anne will have to tell all her close friends about when she returns home to Moonee Ponds. Let’s just say there were white flapper head-dresses and everyone had a wow of a time, including Leona. Just a note that not all the photos have been published haha …

The last photo, however, is of Dr Anne dragging Leona up to her room to sleep … or vice-versa?? Happy New Year from Buenos Aires!!!

Next blog Dr Anne will be taking Leona back to nature to see some breathtaking scenery from the skies above.


Giddy up!


Leona and the spunky waiter


Happy New Year from Buenos Aires!


Another stunning image from Dr Anne’s last days in Antarctica
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