Posturing A Path To Better Back Health – How Sitting May Be Causing Pain

 In Dr Nicholas Bisetto

Do you know back pain solutions may be as simple as sitting well? Approximately 80% of all Australians will suffer from a bout of back pain in their lifetime and this comes as no surprise, as so many of us rely on long periods of sitting due to our occupation or work environment.

By Dr Nicholas Bisetto

Did you also know that what you think you know about posture is potentially wrong? Remember that phrase that was drilled into you as a kid? “Sit up nice and straight” they’d say, as this would help align your spine and set you up for good posture.


Extensive studies actually revealed way back in 2006 that sitting up straight at 90 degrees can be detrimental to your spine and can lead to a range of health problems including:

  • Headaches
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Joint degeneration
  • Disc problems
  • Stretched ligaments
  • Poor circulation

To reduce this chance of suffering back pain or even injury from poor posture, it is important that we learn to sit the correct way. Instead of at 90 degrees, research suggests that sitting back a little further at 100-135 degrees puts the spine in the most ideal position.

So please do yourself a favour and recline your chairs! It is also very important that when long periods of sitting are in order, regular stretching and breaks are crucial for maintaining excellent back health. As often as every 20 minutes could be a great time to get up and stretch your back and legs for 30 seconds.

Our Centre’s experienced Osteopaths can help you with increasing joint range of motion and flexibility and well as developing better workplace and home posture habits.

Our team can also help you with ergonomic desk set up and provide personally designed exercises to suit the individual’s specific needs. Good posture can not only help you feel better and function better, but a good stance and correct body positioning can absolutely make you look better too!

Osteopaths Nicholas Bisetto and Andrea Ormazabal can provide expert advice and tailored solutions that may be able to greatly improve your function, mobility and range of movement whilst reducing pain and improving your quality of life. Contact the Centre and schedule a visit today to find out more – great health and pain relief is our speciality!

Want more tips on maintaining good posture? You can find a little more info here at Correct-Posture- 29557701


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