Anxiety And The Awakening Of Awareness – Healing In The Modern Age

 In Samantha Bladon

Now more than ever it’s time to deal with our wounds – we all have them and we all rub them up against each other.

By Samatha Bladon

I say it’s time because it’s manifesting in our psyche as well as our planet, and it’s injuring us on a scale never seen before.

Our planet is in crisis – all is not well.

As a Kinesiologist and Counsellor, I want to work aiding and expanding the individual to help heal the whole.

Polluted beaches are now a reality on every continent on earth – their commonness does little to lesson the sadness of what they represent about ourselves.

There is so much fear, ignorance and uncertainty on our planet at the moment. Wars, famine, political instability and the rise of racism, sexism and xenophobia seem exponentially fuelled in these times.

How true this is, I can’t say. Yes, these issues have always been here but certainly we have many more avenues to witness events of this nature instantaneously and on a mass scale. Does this constitute ‘more’?


I wouldn’t know how to measure this. Perhaps there is more awareness of these events globally; Awareness of these things is more accessible than ever, fastened on by the lay journalist equipped with a smart phone and self-published on social media.

Thus, on a physical level, awareness is growing.

Kinesiologist Samantha Bladon

I believe awareness is growing on the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels too. Perhaps controversially, I would say this kind of awareness is growing at a rate unseen anytime in history, again due to the accessibility of our modern gadgets and media outlets.

Certainly we are nowadays more aware of the victories and misfortunes of our fellow planet inhabiters.

I remember in 2010 being in awe when Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth was Oprah’s book of the month. This felt like a big leap in conscious awareness on a mass Western culture stage.

Yes, it’s frightening to hear the lies and misappropriation in the words and actions of the new President of the United States.

It’s heartbreaking to see the images that came out of Standing Rock in Dakota and to contrast this with the obvious omission from the mainstream news.

It’s devastating to hear that large parts of Africa are yet again descending into famine.

I’m incredulous as I watch footage of ancient glaciers melting and breaking off into the sea, and understand the rate at which ancient glaciers are receding.

I’m disgusted at images of ocean wildlife wrapped and/or riddled with bits of plastic that have come from our consumer and consumptive lifestyle.

A dolphin cruises by, caught momentarily in some plastic pollution left by the humans. For some creatures, this plastic is an instant death sentence | Photo: Jedimentat44 Source: Flickr

I feel a deep shame when I see my own country and so many others denying access to those who are seeking asylum and treating them in a way that can only be described as criminal and inhumane.

What to do with all this information. This awareness?

I can’t make sense of it on a physical reality plane because so little of it makes sense to me on this plane. Why would we destroy the planet that keeps us alive? Why would we turn our back on another who is suffering?

Yes, I do believe we are all inherently good. If not by nature, then definitely by Soul.

The only way I can make any semblance of sense out of the chaos is to try and seek some solace on the Spiritual level.

The best explanation I have found to explain what the hell this life thing is all about comes from Neal Donald Walsh’s Conversations with God.

Neal explains how we live in the realm of duality. This duality happened when ‘the Oneness’ (some would call God) split itself. It split itself to experience itself, to feel its Self; for as blissful as Oneness is – it cannot feel any of this; it can only be.

So to experience Itself it had to create other. It can now experience Itself through experiencing what it is not!

I know this so well within myself.

I know it has only been through experiencing and challenging those deep feelings of un-lovableness that I have found how loved and lovable I am.

There is always equal and opposite in this realm, and this is what gives me hope in these times!

As awareness can see how catastrophic and desperate things have become there is an equal amount of compassion and enlightenment rising at this time.

It says to me that now more than ever we have to take the awareness within.

If we really want to heal this planet, this realm, then we have to go within.

We have to do the work. It’s no longer acceptable to live with our contradictions. Our contradictions keep us in duality. If we want to experience the Oneness while we are still in human form then we have to clean up what’s going on within. (In the microcosm is the macrocosm).

It is no longer ok to smoke and portent that you want the Earth’s lungs; the wilderness and rainforests to be saved from pollution, or ignore your own greed and unworthiness, trying to numb it by indulging in excessive food and drink while begrudging the multinationals and politicians doing the same.

It’s not acceptable to speak untruths.

It’s time to do the work! It’s time to own our stuff and Heal.

The most Holistic tool I have found to do ‘my work’ is Kinesiology – working on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels to raise awareness and Heal.

As a Counsellor and Kinesiologist this is how I love to work.

If you’d like to find out more about Kinesiology or book an appointment with Samantha Bladon, contact the Centre today and get in touch!

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