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Happy Chinese New Year!

by Grace Natakhan


2017 brings with it the Chinese Year Of The Rooster

During the powerful year of the Rooster, loyalty, commitment and hard work are particularly rewarded. It can certainly take all of these to continue to implement New Year’s resolutions!

As we progress into the year, it is a good time to renew our intentions, including those for our health. Take a moment to gently reflect on how well you are implementing your well-being goals for the year.

The holiday season can be a time of indulgence, abundant in heavy, rich foods and alcohol. Some simple detox principles can help reset your system and give vital organs the chance to rest and replenish.

The benefits? Cleansing can help you feel clear-headed and more energetic whilst benefiting your sleep and improving your mood.

It’s great to start by keeping things simple – focus on increasing or adding positive habits e.g. increasing water intake (aim for 2.5L/day) and fresh fruit and vegetables. Regular cardio exercise helps increase circulation to effectively clear toxins – 30min of brisk walking is an energising way to start the day!

Next step is to look at removing habits that can inhibit optimal well-being – consider taking a break from one or more of alcohol, sugar, caffeine or meat for a few weeks.

These take extra work for the body to process and can slow down metabolism, reducing the efficiency of your natural detox systems. Eliminating them  one at a time will make your cleanse more achievable!  The initiative “Feb Fast” provides a great incentive to take a “pause for a cause” – eliminating alcohol or sugar for a month whilst raising funds to support youth work.



As everyone’s health needs differ, it’s helpful to approach any lifestyle change with the support of an experienced practitioner. Chinese Medicine, encompassing Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, can provide support to your New Year’s health goals.


Grace Natakhan

Treatments can assist to improve the pathways of detoxification in the body through supporting key organ function, in addition to relieving detox symptoms such as headaches. Sessions also address the mental and emotional challenge involved in changing habits, helping to strengthen willpower and relieving stress.

Changing your lifestyle can be challenging yet also very rewarding –  Grace Natakhan at Moonee Ponds MindBody Health Centre can support you to continue the year on a clear fresh note.

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