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 In Jane Lee-Stewart

We are beings formed of energy and light, but how does that connect to the way in which we become sick and how we heal?

By Jane Lee-Stewart

We must not only view the physical causes of disease and illness, but equally look into to the subtle realm of thought and emotions to seek the source of our problems.

Kinesiology and MindBody medicine are uniquely designed to simultaneously address the causes of disease from multiple aspects from the physical to the energetic.

When I first studied energetic kinesiology (as opposed to academic kinesiology which is purely about muscles and muscle movement) twenty years ago we were taught about the triad of health – a three-sided triangle with physical and mechanical dysfunctions on one side, biochemical on another side and mental/emotional issues on the third side.

Bioelectric, electromagnetic and spiritual causes were encompassed within these three at a more subtle level, and that model still holds true today.

The miracle of our bodies is that they are designed to self-heal every second of every day. The innate intelligence of the body builds, destroys and repairs cells and fights invaders and pathogens without rest. It is our fears, judgements, greed, anger and attachments that get in the way.

We preoccupy ourselves with acquiring goods instead of focusing on goodness itself; when in truth, goodness is the source of the goods.

Everything material in nature arises from a non-material source, the world of ideas and forms, and ultimately from consciousness itself.  In our ignorance we look to acquire more and more things, thinking we will be ensuring our happiness and survival. In this illusion, life is about having more of everything – he or she with the most toys wins! This is not unlike building a great storage tank for fresh water rather than protecting the stream it arises from.

The kinesiologist’s unique tool of muscle monitoring allows practitioner and client to tap into subconscious processes that underlay both helpful and unhelpful thoughts and motivations that may be blocking our healing.

Working at the Moonee Ponds MindBody Health Centre for the last 17 years alongside Dr Anne Small and the team has been a great honour and privilege, helping others to discover the energetic underpinnings of their health and emotional problems.

If you don’t have the time, money or inclination for a session – here’s some advice that might be useful.

You are a human being not a human doing. Stop doing and allow yourself to just be – you might even find some space for momentary peace, light and rest.

We would however love to see you down at the Centre so please feel free to contact us and book a session with one of our many experienced and friendly practitioners. Good health for mind, body and spirit is closer than you think!


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